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Welcome to T&B’s Learning Factory



T & B’s Learning Factory is committed to providing you with quality child care. Our child care program is designed to work with your child’s individual needs, adapting to his or her physical, cognitive, and psychosocial stages of development. At T & B’s Learning Factory, our caregivers provide an environment that will help your child build a sense of security and will lay a foundation for the development of confidence and trust. We will work closely with you on a daily basis to ensure that we are meeting your child’s evolving needs.



Program goals and objectives have been designed in order to meet these needs, along with an educational curriculum, which together form the basis of our philosophy of a quality child care program. Christian love and Biblical principles are included in all aspects of our school program. They are not an isolated part of the curriculum. Through Bible stories, Bible verses, songs, and character studies, children learn the foundational truths of Christianity. We are committed to having this school serve as a safe place for children.



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